Basic Rules and Regulations  


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Large red stone machines that cause lag must have a off switch

No large redstone machine may run 24/7

Redstone clocks must have a off switch


1×1 towers around a base or around the map are to be removed after use

Offensive building or buildings shall be removed and the builder of such structure shall receive punishment.

Staff Permissions

Staff permissions are not to be used for self benefit (a.k.a giving themselves items)

Permissions such as kicking, temp banning, and banning are not to be used without a legitimate reason. If these permissions are use without a legitimate reason a demotion or removal from the staff team is possible.

Staff are not allowed to use voice changers on the discord voice channel.

All staff members are to be held accountable for their actions.

Unauthorized Gamemode changes

If a unauthorized gamemode change occurs you are to consult Kalinox before doing anything else.

If needed revert player back to original game mode.

Exploiting Glitches or Bugs

Punishments for exploiting glitches and bug vary based off of the extent of which the bug/glitch has been exploited.

For example item duplication glitches

Offensive speech

Any form of offensive speech is a bannable and mutable offense

Offensive speech includes Racial slur or terms, Ethnicity slurs, Sexist slurs or terms, and Political speech meant to cause drama

Any offensive speech shall not be tolerated and will be followed by staff actions

Real Life Threats

Real life threats are to be taken as seriously as possible and must have instant action to resolve the conflict.

Any threat even meant as a joke is a bannable offense.


Phishing is to be taken the most seriously of all offenses

Phishing includes personal information phishing and IP phishing

Phishing shall result in a instant Permanent Ban as the information of our players is to be kept safe at all times.

Use of Alts

Players may use alts as long as their main account is not banned

If a banned player logs onto our server their alt will recieve a ban equal to the main account and have an additional ban placed on both accounts

If needed a IP ban can be put in place

False accusations

Any false accusation of hacking is a bannable offense

If a player submits a false accusation they may receive up to a permanent ban if needed.

Multiple Offenses

If a player has received multiple punishments for multiple offenses they may receive an additional ban

Additional bans can lead to a Permanent Ban if necessary

Disrespect to the Staff

Disrespect to the staff shall not be tolerated under any circumstances as this is a bannable offense


Griefing will not be tolerated

Any form of griefing in any shape and form is a bannable offense(same ban times as inappropriate builds)

Offensive or inappropriate images (Discord)

Nudity, gore and any image that depicts racism, sexism, or ethnicism is strictly prohibited

Any person to post such images may either be kicked or banned from the discord channel.


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