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Supreme Obsidian Moderator Applications:

  • Basic Requirements:
    • Be at minimum 16
    • Have background experience
    • Be cooperative
    • Have read the rules and regulations
    • Speak English
    • Have a microphone¬†
  • Application Questions
    • What kind of background experience do you have?
    • How can you help?
    • Can you complete task no matter the difficulty?
    • Can you work with your fellow staff members?
    • What can you bring to the server?
    • Do you understand moderator commands and permissions?
    • Can I trust you with moderator permissions?
    • Can you remain unbiased?
    • Can you have patience with others?
    • What is your motivation¬†
    • What is your Discord?
  1. Depending on your responses you will either be accepted or denied for a inteview within 1-2 days.
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