What we offer


We blog about every update, bug fixes, new servers we come up with! Click here for the latest news and infos!


We offer various little perks for your joy and needs. every donation you make helps us fund our server, which is really appreciated!


Want to vote but can't get on Minecraft? All the links are one click away! This supports us and allows us to advertise and give you rewards in return! <3


Discord offers a variety of things such as, ingame cross-discord to server chat, voice, help, suggestions, ranks and more!


Don't want to bother staffs too much? Looking for a way to find information quickly? Events maybe? Or perhaps you want to apply for staff? Look no further!

Modpack Download

Mods you need for the modded server are here! (use /modded in hub to get to the modded server!)

Minigame Statistics

You can look at player statistics through this database for knowledge and competition


Coming soon!

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